Futureproof your workforce through education

We connect your employees to educational opportunities that transform your training budget into an investment that attracts and retains talent.


Go beyond training

Today too many companies use their training budgets for short courses that only partly deliver. We connect you to recognized and accredited educational solutions that are attractive to your staff and address your strategic goals.

Maximize your investment

Your training budget can be a value driver. We offer a comprehensive service to help forward-looking human resources teams transform their employees' CPF training funds into an investment that provides a meaningful credential for the employee, leading to higher retention and lower hiring costs.


See how much employee turnover is costing you today

Average salary:


Employees lost in the last year:


Time to find a replacement:

Loss of Knowledge

Average seniority:

Loss of Knowledge Costs:
Loss of Productivity of Employees Replacing the Vacant Position

Loss of Productivity:

Cost Related to Vacant Position:
Cost of Hiring a Replacement

Recruiters Salary:

000 €

Hours of work to fill the position:


Cost of advertising:

Cost of hiring a replacement:
Cost of Training New Employees

Mentor or manager salary:

000 €

Total number of training hours:

Cost of hiring a replacement:
Return to Initial Productivity

Reduced productivity of the new employee:


Weeks required to achieve 100% productivity:

New employee productivity deficit:

Cost per employee:

21 765

Total Cost for 10 employees with a 35% turnover rate:



Enhance your brand

Solve your skills gap

Investment in your employees' education is an investment in your brand.

We help train your existing employees in 21st century skills, to help you adapt your workforce to changing needs and creating new pathways to promotion.


How We Work with Companies

We partner with human resources teams to identify the right educational programs to meet your needs. Then, we provide coaching to your employees to identify the program that is right for them.

Needs Assessment
Tailored Solution
Marketed to Your Employees
Measure the Results

How We Work with Learning Partners

We have a rigorous process to identify learning partners offering accredited programs adapted to the needs of working professionals.

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